Ecotality Life - Review

Ecotality Life ECOtality has announced a clever new contest aimed at promoting their fresh new blog. It’s been awhile since we’ve published a review anyways, so this is a welcome challenge. Ecotality Life is a beautiful website. I love the how the images add meaningful impact and color to the articles, which are further emphasized by the subtle mixture of blue and green. The combination is brilliant for clean energy topics - very nicely done! We’ve added them to our blog directory and energy news, and we challenge all of our readers to do the same - promote Ecotality Life wherever you can!

Ecotality Life
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Market-driven change is the future and I sincerely hope they can “get rich and sleep well at night”. It looks like a very talented group of writers have assembled to create a quality source for articles about trends ranging from emerging technologies and climate change to green money and pirates!

I only have one suggestion for site navigation: I wish the category and writers lists were switched - it took me a little while to realize there even was a list of categories.
— Alex.

Site Highlights:

A renewable energy company and technology innovator committed to the development and commercialization of clean energy technologies, striving to identify inventive ways to efficiently power our lives while striking a harmonious balance with our natural environment.

Ecotality Life
Ecotality Life covers green tech and gadgets because we like playing with toys and green business and investing because we want to get rich and sleep well at night.

Fuel Cell Store
Fuel Cell Store is the nexus of the fuel cell industry. We provide the market place where fuel cell stack, component, and hydrogen storage manufacturers come together with consumers.

The Hydrality is an eco-friendly power source that is safe, non-toxic, non explosive, and geopolitically neutral. Hydrality uses magnesium and water as its “fuel” and emits virtually no exhaust other than steam.