High Gas Prices are Good!

High Gas PricesI hope the price of gasoline and oil doubles in the next year. Actually, I hope it increases 1000%. Why? Because super-inflated gas prices may be the only thing that wakes North America up to the need for change. Public awareness about global warming and climate change has been numbed by increasing media saturation of the issue. Sure we are all ‘aware’ of the problem, but aren’t we still just sitting around eating popcorn watching movies like An Inconvenient Truth and The 11th Hour. Is watching videos really a solution?

The majority of our population continues to drive around in SUVs and consume enormous yearly amounts of disposable products, even though catastrophes like species extinction, pollution and hurricanes like Katrina make clear the need for change. An extreme increase in the price of gas would raise inflation to the point of economic collapse and a resultant depression.

WWF Canada Save Our Climate TV Commercial

Why Economic Collapse?
In the long run, it seems like a short-term economic collapse in the near future might be a better alternative to the complete and total destruction we face if we continue to ignore global warming with our unrestrained consumption and pollution. High gas prices will give all levels of our society and government the incentive to be pro-active and create change. It will require all available resources to re-design our economic, energy, industrial and transportation infrastructures in a more efficient and sustainable way.

So whenever I hear that the price of gas is rising again I feel happy, and hopeful for a clean energy future!