Energy Bill Promotes Clean Energy

Smart Power SmartPower Urges President Bush to Sign Energy Bill

SmartPower, in a clarion call to the President today strongly urged President Bush to put aside partisan politics and to sign the recently passed Energy Bill. Both the House and the Senate have passed slightly differing versions of this comprehensive energy bill. A compromise bill is expected to arrive on the president’s desk this fall after a projected September conference committee. The White House has intimated that the President may veto this legislation because neither of these bills “reduced oil imports, strengthened national security, lowered energy prices or addressed global warming.”

Washington, DC- “How can the President claim to be committed to energy independence and mitigating the far-reaching effects of climate change if the White House is threatening to veto the energy bill that included a requirement for US utilities to produce 15% of their electricity from clean energy?”

The House version of this bill contains the 15% clean energy requirement and that increased domestic production of clean energy will aid in the fight against global warming and expand our critical energy independence. The recently passed version drew significant bi-partisan support in response to the concern that the American public has with issue of global warming.

“It seems disingenuous that President Bush would threaten to veto a bill that promotes clean energy production on one hand, while inviting world leaders to come to Washington to see how America is leading on climate change on the other,” stated SmartPower president, Brian F. Keane. “Signing this energy bill would strengthen the United States’ position as a world leader in the fight against climate change,” said Keane.

President Bush has just invited world leaders to attend a summit in Washington on climate change in late September. Leaders of over 100 countries have been invited to come to our nation’s capital to discuss how all nations can cooperate on these global issues.

SmartPower is the national non-profit marketing organization that is leading the creation of a robust market for clean energy and energy efficiency. SmartPower will continue to comment on the actions and statements of our national leaders on these important energy issues.

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