Vertical Farming Concept

Farm TowerScientists at Columbia University are proposing a revolutionary new agricultural technology that would bring food supplies closer to the end-user. After studying modern greenhouse techniques they have come up with a new concept to build 30-storey skyscrapers to grow food and raise small livestock, effectively eliminating the shipping and pollution expenses associated with urban living. The controlled environment would include a sophisticated irrigation system and would be powered by a large rooftop solar system.

Sky Farm According to Professor Dickson Despommier the benefits of such a project would far outweigh any disadvantages. “Even if it’s not quite natural…. a little bit factory-like in terms of its production, here’s what you’re going to get back: you’re going to get back the rest of the earth. And I’ll take that any time.” The goal is to make the entire complex sustainable, including a water recycling system and waste incinerators. For more information see the original article at the BBC.