The Ethanol Myth

The Ethanol Myth This video raises some serious questions about the perceived advantages of ethanol and the current political hype surrounding its production. Politicians throughout the United States are promoting increased production and subsidies for the so-called ‘green fuel’, but as this video clearly points out, there may actually be zero environmental or economic benefits. Simply put, ethanol is an over-hyped waste of time that only really benefits producers and government officials who are using the fuel to make themselves appear to be doing something to save the environment.

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Focus Points:

  • Politicians are catering to corn-growing states for votes in upcoming elections.
  • If ethanol were really better, it wouldn’t need government subsidies.
  • It takes as much energy to produce ethanol than you get when it is burned.
  • It takes a lot of fossil fuels to make fertilizers that help grow corn, run farms, transport fuel, process corn, etc.
  • Ethanol cannot be transported through pipelines because of degradation.
  • It takes a lot of land to grow the corn needed for ethanol production.
  • Ethanol does not reduce America’s foreign dependence on oil.
  • Ethanol production only benefits corn growers, farm equipment suppliers and politicians.

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